Be Like Dawn

“Dawn takes  . . . “

Do I need say any more? You now how it ends.

There is really nothing unique about dishwashing detergent. I don’t know that Dawn is any better or worse at cutting through grease when washing dishes, but they were the first to say it. They owned it and made everyone else a me too brand.

Everyone except maybe Palmolive. They took a different, yet still successful tact (that is until dishwashers became prevelant); “Softens hands while you do the dishes.”

When your product is a in a crowded space, differentiation is critical. Find your place and stake your ground, OWN IT!

Dawn is the country’s number one selling dishwashing detergent. They got their by owning the grease claim. That’s it. Nothing fancy.

So, What’s your . . . “Takes grease out of the way?”  

Is it as good as Dawn’s?  It should be.