Be Closer to your Customers Than Ever Before

I am sick as a dog and have been for 3 days. I’m in Florida with a client and except for working with them, I haven’t been able to get anything done. I’ve been in bed for 14 hour stints and not getting any better. It sucks.

Because of the “crud” the blog has been neglected, I just haven’t been able to think. To avoid another day with out a post I’ve asked Kyle Porter, CEO of Sales Loft to do a guest post.

If anyone else has an idea and would like to contribute a post let me know.

Enjoy and thanks Kyle.


The reputation of salespeople is at an all-time low. Why?
Because customer expectations have changed faster than the sales world’s comprehension to respond.
Salespeople need to pay attention to this. They can learn a huge lesson from the modern product manager.
The modern product manager’s job is to “stay close to their customers”. They are taught to live & breath by customer problems, behaviors, hopes and desires so they can design products to meet their needs. And their goal is to build a community of delighted users.
Sales reps – take this cue.
Your job is to educate, inform, advise and help your customer community in ANY way you can. And that means NOT JUST THROUGH YOUR PRODUCT.
If you are talking to a customer and you think they are better suited for a competitor, TELL THEM
If someone has a business problem you think could be solved by a free tool: TELL THEM
Your one and only job as a sales rep is to HELP, not shill. And that will earn you trust and loyalty.
So bring your corporation’s personality to life. Be open, transparent and honest at all times. Showcase what makes you unique and don’t shy away from sacrificing a short-term deal,
If you don’t, someone else will. And your buyers will be loyal to them instead of you.