Be a Grunt

I love grunts.  Grunts are those sales people who aren’t afraid to get dirty.  They are tenacious.  Grunts are fun to watch. They tackle sales with reckless abandon.  The grunts are the people who out call anyone on the team.  Grunts always get in earlier and leave later.  Grunts thrive on “No!”  Grunts never seem to be afraid.   Grunts do things others wouldn’t.  Grunts focus on one thing, making their goals.  They don’t get caught up in the superfluous.  Grunts are NEVER primadonnas, they’re too busy getting stuff done to worry about their image.  Grunts have a singular, win at all costs, failure is not an option, go get it done attitude, and I love it.

Grunts are hard to find, especially in more experienced sales people.  The grunt tends to wear off after time in the trenches and that’s too bad. There tends to be more grunts in those who are early in their career.  Not understanding the ropes, new to their profession, grunts overcompensate with pure effort and determination.  However, as time passes and wisdom takes over, for many the grunt is lost.  Sometimes it’s hubris or laziness that takes over for the grunt, not wisdom and that is the worst scenario — a sales guy that sucks and won’t try hard.

Grunts are awesome.  Grunts win.   The grunt who adds wisdom is unbeatable.  A good friend of mine once said, he is not the smartest guy in the room, but he will out work anyone and he did.  We all should have some grunt in us.   It’s the grunt in us that get’s us over the humps.  It’s the grunt that makes us win.

Be a grunt!