Avoiding a Horrific Fate – Charity Update

Rob Sader, the soon to be Father of Charity, sent me this picture the other day.

It is a picutre of a down syndrom girl named Ksenia.  Ksenia was transferred to a mental institution after she turned 4. Unlike Charity, she was not adopted. Kesnia was abandoned by her family; mother, father, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. She was sent to an orphanage or “baby house” for the first four years of her life and then after she turned 4 she was transferred to a mental institution. This picture shows the effect on a child after being sent an adult mental institution. It’s a tragic outcome.

Charity is in a “baby house” today waiting for the Saders to complete the adoption process.  What is scary is Charity turns 4 in September and will be transferred to an adult mental institution shortly there after.

This fund raiser is to keep this from happening. It’s more than just to help a little girl with down syndrome to be adopted, it’s to save a life.

I messed up last week and said we have one week to go. It wasn’t. This is the last week. We are $450 dollars from our QUOTA. The Saders need to raise $18,000. If we are successful When we are successful here, we will cover just under 10% of that.  That’s a big deal.

Let’s get Charity home before she turns 4. Nobody deserves to go through what Ksenia is. It’s just not right.

To donate, just click the “ChipIn” button in the right sidebar and give what you can. Every dollar gets us closer.

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