Assume They’re Clueless.

I don’t like it when I’m being sold and the sales person actually thinks I know something. Usually I don’t. I like it when the sales person treats me like I don’t know anything. I get a better sales experience. When I’m buying something new, when the sales person assumes I don’t know much, I get an education. They take the time to ask good questions. They adopt a pace that fits my ability to understand the sale. They emphasize the things most important and blow through those that don’t matter. When I buy I want sales help because I don’t know any better. I’m looking for an expert. I’m looking for an education. I want someone who knows more than me, to help me make a good informed decision.

Assuming I actually know something, about their product, service, competition or the industry makes the experience extremely painful. Accepting that I don’t know anything allows the sale to start at the right place and get to the right end.

Selling is an educational process. Assume they’re clueless. They’ll thank you for it.