Ask the RIGHT Questions

Questions matter in sales. Questions give us insight. They lead us to solutions. They give customers confidence of our capabilities. Questions are a valuable tool of sales.

If a Dr. only asks how do you feel and how long have you been feeling that way, she can’t provide the proper diagnosis. A mechanic can’t fix your car with questions like; What’s wrong with the car? How long has it been going on? How loud is the sound? To diagnose a problem requires deep, relevant understanding of the subject. Questions aren’t enough, you have to know WHAT questions to ask.

Sales is like being a Dr. or a Mechanic, it diagnoses problems. Asking a few superfluous, high-level questions isn’t enough. You need to know what you’re looking for.

Questions are a tool in the sales bag. Knowing how to use the tool is critical. It’s not enough to have it in your bag or use it once in awhile. It needs to be used effectively. We need to be experts in using questions.

Wielding the questions tool requires subject matter expertise, an idea of what your looking for, and the flexibility to ask new questions if you can’t find what you looking for. It requires openness to unanticipated answers, and the ability to probe.

Sales is the ability to solve problems. Like a Dr. or a Mechanic, Sales must first know what is wrong. Knowing what’s wrong takes asking the right questions, not just any question.

Customers are too smart to accept a weak diagnosis. They know when someone can solve their problems. Just because we offer a solution doesn’t mean it will fix their problems. We need to know what their real problems are and that comes from asking the right questions.

Ask the RIGHT questions. You’ll get the RIGHT answers. Then, you’ll know the RIGHT solution.

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