Are You Using Social Media Yet?

So, where are you on this social media thing?

Do you have a Twitter account? Are you on LinkedIn? Do you use Google +?  Or are you one of those people sitting on the sidelines still trying to figure out why social media even matters, because you have too much to do to be bothered with what someone is eating for lunch. Let me help you out. Consider this a Sales Guy Public Service Announcement:

 Social media makes quota!

Yup, it’s pretty much that simple. Sales people who use social media outsell those who don’t by 72%. So, if you aren’t using social media right now, odds are you are getting your ass handed to you by 72% of the sales people who are using it.

Let me drop a little more wisdom on you.  Sales people who use social media exceed 110% of quota 23% more often than those who don’t. These are the people going to President’s Club. 54% of social media users said they can track at least one deal directly to their use of social media. Twitter or LinkedIn has made them money. 10% of people using social media say it directly contributes to their business and have closed over 5 deals last year as a result. These people are making a lot of money with social.

Non-social media users, those of you who think Twitter is a waste of time, well they missed quota 15% more often than social media users.  These people aren’t going to President’s Club and aren’t making money.

The argument is over. Social selling works, but even more alarming is that it’s no longer a competitive advantage; it’s become part of the price to play.  Sitting on the sidelines is no longer about missing an opportunity; it’s about falling behind. Don’t fall behind any longer. Get social.


Go! Join Twitter or something…times wasting.