Are You Surprised by This?

When we are surprised, it means we didn’t know. It means we were unaware. It means we didn’t have all the information. It means we weren’t knowledgeable. Being surprised says we were unable to see what was really happening. It says the truth avoided us. Being surprised means facts were hidden, that we were blind to reality. It means we didn’t understand what was going on.

When we are surprised, we’ve missed the important elements needed to align our opinion with those around us. When we are surprised it means we were moving in a different direction.  We weren’t in alignment with everyone else.

It’s not OK to be surprised in sales. If you been surprised, you’ve failed. It’s our job to know what is going on with our customers and prospects.

Surprises are fun for birthdays, anniverseries and coming-home parties.  They’re not OK in sales.

Does this post surprise you?