Are You Ready for 2013?


I’ve talked about the importance of preparing for next year before it’s too late.  It’s easy to become too focused on the 4th quarter and lose sight of what needs to get done to be successful in 2013. 

When we focus in the 4th quarter we run the risk of getting caught in the “the cycle.”  The cycle is when we don’t start new years planning until after the New Year has started. When planning starts late, implementation doesn’t start until February or even March, a full quarter into the new year. Starting that late puts tremendous stress on the 4th quarter, which then prevents focus being put on the new year. The cycle has begun.

To help break the cycle and get you focused on 2013, I’ve created the 2013 Sales Plan Development Toolkit with my friend and sales genius Townsend Wardlaw.

The 2013 Sales Plan Development Toolkit:

  1. Template and guides to preparing for the new year
  2. Execution framework to steer you in the right direction
  3. Planning tools and support
  4. Unique insight and “how to” support
  5. and more

It’s never too late to get ready for next year.  Avoid “the cycle” and get ready for 2013 now.  You’ll be happy you did.


Download the 2013 Sales Plan Development Guide Now