Amp Up Your Sales


I know, right?

Who wouldn’t want to amp up their sales? Sales is a tough business. I’ve long argued on this blog the importance of deliberate learning to becoming a badass.

My boy Andy Paul, author of Zero-Time selling has come out with another book; Amp Up Your Sales, Powerful Strategies That Move Your Customers to Make Fast, Favorable Decisions. Ya gotta love that title.

In Amp Up Your Sales Andy does a good job of breaking down the concept of sales and how we underestimate the steps required to get things done that ends up with sales people skipping many of the critical steps. His changing a lightbulb metaphor is great. It’s too easy to forget the important steps.

What I like about Amp Up Your Sales is it’s not ethereal. Andy gets right at it. He gives you actionable insights that you can apply to what your doing today. I’m also a big fan of how Andy frames his suggestions. He provides context throughout the book that allows you to understand what he’s suggesting and why it matters.

Amp Up Your Sales tackles all facets of sales. From sales funnel, to cold calling, from planning to follow-up, from value to objections and qualifications, he hits all.

If you’re into deliberate learning put this book on your list. It will make a difference.


P.S. Andy’s also put together a 6-part video series with sales giants Jeffrey Gitomer, Jill Konrath, Anthony Iannarino, and others on concrete strategies you can use right away to amp up your sales. When you buy the book, you get instant access to the video series. And, please drop mean email about how fast your sales cycle speeds up after you read Chapter 13: The Power of the First Perception. Learn more here.