Alpha or Beta

Where do you position yourself in the sales hierarchy?  When talking to customers and prospects, when working a deal, do you position yourself as the alpha or the beta?  It matters.

Most sales people subjugate themselves to their prospect or customer.  They engage with their tail between their legs.  You can hear the submissive tone in their voice. You can sense their weakness right out of the gate. They are quick with an apology. They continually ask for permission. They put the customer or prospect in charge. By being the beta and quickly subjugating themselves, sales people hurt their ability to make a sale and the ability to negotiate a good deal.

I tell the sales people I work with they need to consider themselves a peer to their customers and prospects. They need to have the confidence that they are bringing something of considerable value to the table and act that way. Positioning yourself as the alpha instills confidence in prospects and customers. It lets them know you are peers and that what you have is of value.  It establishes an entirely different relationship between you and your clients.  Buyers want someone besides them to take control. They want to feel cared for. When a sales person is a weak, buyers feel they have to drive the sale alone.

Getting better deals, more deals, and maintaining healthy long-term relationships is best achieved when sales positions itself with strength and as a peer.  Coming in as the beta, as the whipping boy only, ready to give the customer whatever they want makes you nothing more than an order taker.  Customers don’t want order takers they want partners.

Be the alpha or go home.

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