Adios Google Reader

In case you didn’t know Google is killing Google Reader on July 1st. There are 799 of you in this community who use Google Reader to read this blog everyday. After July 1 all 799 of you will no longer get this blog via RSS. That is, if you don’t find a new reader.

I currently use Google Reader as my RSS tool and I’m going to have to find an alternative as well.

I’m not sure what reader I’m going to switch to, but here are 10 alternatives to Google Reader that will allow you to keep enjoying all the A Sales Guy goodness you’ve come to love and enjoy:

Ten Google Reader Alternatives:

  1. Feedly
  2. NewsBlur
  3. NetVibes
  4. Pulse
  5. Google Currents
  6. FlipBoard
  7. Zite
  8. Taptu
  9. TinyTiny RSS
  10. The Old Reader

The Blog Tom’s Guide does a good job of breaking down the Google Reader alternatives. If you haven’t found a replacement or aren’t sure where to look, check it out. It will help you figure out where to go.

I currently use feedly and Flipboard as well as Google Reader. I’m going to have to start using Feedly and Flipboard more often to see which one I want to switch too or if I’m going to pick another one all together.

Good luck and let me know what you decide to go with. I’ll post another reminder as we get closer to July 1. I’d hate for you to wake up on July 1 and find yourself starved of the wisdom that is A Sales Guy blog.



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