Absolutely Make Your Stinkin’ Quota in 2010

You want to make your sales number next year? Plan for it!

This is the plan I use. What makes it good? It has the 4 most important elements of a plan; Assessment, Understanding, Direction and Accountability.

I shared my thoughts about this back in June: Why Sales Strategies Don’t Work, or Do They? Being the end of the year, with most of us beginning to thing about 2010, I thought I’d break it out again.

Most sales plans lack one, if not more of the key elements of a good plan. They are missing accountability and are collecting dust. They lack solid, in depth analysis and assessment. They lack buy in and understanding as no one truly understanding what needs to be done, why it’s important and how it’s going to happen. Most sales plans are a check box exercise that wastes everyone’s time and effort.

If you want to make your number next year, build a plan, a real plan. Execute to it, make it accountable, provide a real assessment, and bring it to life. This one has worked for me.

Feel free to use it, change it around, add to it or just ignore it. What ever will get you to your number.

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