A Sales Guy Office Hours

Since I started this blog, I’ve been continually asked if I do consulting. At first the answer was no.  I was working for 2-Wire and Avaya. I was committed to my job. Finding the time to consult others was too difficult. It also felt a bit unethical. Even if it wasn’t for a competitive company, it was still time I wasn’t spending thinking about my own job, my own challenges, my own team.

Now that I am no longer working for anyone else, I have time do consulting.  I have been working with a few companies and I am enjoying it. You’ll notice above, I’ve added a consulting link.  Check it out.

To kick things off I thought I would make myself available for some free high-level consulting or engagement. Next Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 – 10:00 MST I am holding open office ours.  Each time slot is 20 minutes.  I’m not sure if this will be long enough to make sure folks get value, but we’ll give it a try and make changes accordingly.

If you’re struggling with a sales challenge. If you have a sales question you want to discuss, if you are dealing with a leadership challenge or you just want to talk sales, then feel free to sign up.  I’m starting with 6 slots. If demand proves to be higher, I’ll add more.

My goal with office hours is to have a chance to meet and talk with this community and provide a little sales help where I can.  If you’d like to hook up for 20 minutes and talk about sales, make sure you snag a slot here.

I’m looking forward to meeting with some of you.  I’m looking forward to working with companies and their employees to make change.  My favorite thing to do is make things work better and there is nothing like consulting to do that.


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