A Quota That Can’t be Missed

We are 70% to our goal of $1,000 dollars for Charity. Thanks to all of you who have already donated.

Sales people get a bad rap for being money hungry, selfish, primadonnas, but this isn’t true. Sales people are athletes. We are goal oriented. We cut through the muck and get right to real problems and solve them.

The Saders challenge to save baby Charity is human problem. Not a business problem. Charity needs a home and the Saders want to give her one. The A Sales Guy community gets to help make that happen.

We’ve raised $725 dollars of our $1,000 goal (one person from this community donated directly to Reece’s Rainbow). ¬†We only have $275 to go. I know we can do it.

This is a community of quota makers. It’s a community of athlete’s who make their number. Charity’s and the Saders quota is a quota that can’t be missed.

If you haven’t already, click the “ChipIn” button in the right sidebar and chipin. Any amount get’s us closer. Remember, I am matching 50% of whatever this community donates.

Thanks again, you guys kill it!

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