A QSR (Quarterly Sales Review Process) that Actually Works

Anyone here like doing quarterly sales review?

Sales leaders, do you like sitting through them?  Do they help you get closer to the number?  After they are done, do you feel better about your business? Do you feel like they were worth the 1,2, or even 3 days you spend going through them? Do you feel better about your ability to reach your goals when they are over?

Salespeople, do you like doing quarterly reviews?  Do they help you get closer your numbers? Do you find them valuable in your overall success? Do you prepare for them the night before? Do you think QSRs are a waste of time?

I know the answer to most, if not all, of these questions and they aren’t favorable.  Most companies don’t do QSRs. For those of you who do QSR’s, they traditionally don’t offer much value and everyone hates doing them.

QSRs can be a critical part of a sales organization’s success.  They can be the difference between making the number and not making the number. But, to get the most out of a QSR they have to be done right.

What does good look like?

A good QSR;

  • holds people accountable for what they say they are going to do
  • it provides insight into the probability of making the number
  • it assists in actual execution and not just planning
  • it increases successful delivery of objectives and goals

The “right” QSR accomplishes these things through the agenda. In addition to accomplishing the above, the QSR agenda needs to be simple, easy to follow and repeatable.

quarterly_salesTo make life easier for sales leaders and their organization, A Sales Guy Consulting has created an agenda that accomplishes the above and dramatically increases the productivity and effectiveness of your QSRs (Quarterly Sales Meetings)

It’s critical to get your business review processes in place and humming. To make it easy on you, we’ve just launched a new ebook; Increase Sales with The Perfect Quarterly Sales Review Agenda.  It breaks down how to run a productive QSR that promotes accountability, execution, and delivery and doesn’t bore the hell out of your team.   It also highlights the science behind “why” it works and how it improves the ability of your team be successful.

If you hate doing quarterly sales reviews and you want something that will increase the probability of making quota, improve execution, increase delivery and not bore the shit out of your sales team, check out our eBook.

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