911 Rescue Workers, The Trendy Heroes

It appears the 911 Hero was, like too many other things in this country, a trend.   The NYPD and the NYFD T-Shirts that everyone was wearing in honor of the 911 heros were all part of a big trend, like bell bottoms, the pet rock, and Myspace.  The rescuers weren’t really heroes, they were just something cool to be associated with, a dinner conversation where you could say you knew someone who knew someone who helped during 911.  Like all trends, it was popular because it made us all feel special to be apart of it, and more importantly we didn’t feel stupid for NOT being apart of it.  The 911 hero trend was a big one and lasted longer than most.  Today, the trend seems to have run it’s course and the 911 rescuers are no longer the trendy heroes, but rather just another worn out trend — at least that’s the message the Republicans are sending.

Today the Republicans blocked a Democratic Bill that would provide medical care to the rescuers of 911.  The bill was formally named after James Zadroga, a police detective who helped out during 911 and later died from exposure to the toxic dust.   Republicans are opposed to the bill over concerns on how to pay for it.

The Republicans have gotten this one wrong.  This is as simple as it gets.   Take care of the people who took care of us.  Heroism isn’t trendy.  We can’t embrace it when the camera’s are on and it’s beneficial and toss it away when it no longer serves us.  Thousands of men and woman lost their lives or risked their lives to help save others.   They did what Americans do, they came to the rescue of those in need.  They didn’t think about the consequences to themselves.  They didn’t worry about the impact to their personal situation.  They just jumped in and helped and tried to make a difference.

Those who opposed the bill could learn something from our heroes.  They could stop thinking about themselves.  They could jump in and do what’s right and that’s help the heros who are now in need of our help.

Heroism isn’t a trend

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