Guest Post By Dan Waldschmidt

  1. Accept responsibility for your actions, attitude, and influence.
  2. Care about others, yourself, and big dreams.
  3. Enjoy the journey. Make sure each step matters.
  4. Lead by example. Lead when no one is following.
  5. Open your mind to the possibility that there is an option you haven’t considered.
  6. Reduce the amount of time you spend “thinking about doing” instead of doing.
  7. Settle your differences with class, maturity, and dignity.
  8. Teach those who want to learn.
  9. Account for how you spend your money, your time, and your passion.
  10. Carry your emotions on your sleeve and the burdens of those weaker than you on your back.
  11. Count the number of times you keep trying as the measure of your success
  12. Examine your motives, your bank account balance, and the direction you’re headed — every day.
  13. Learn a little bit each day from something that goes horribly wrong and frightfully right.
  14. Order your relationships, your priorities, your beliefs, and your daily schedule.
  15. Refer to women as ladies and to men as a gentleman. A little respect goes a long way.
  16. Shake hands firmly. Look at the person you’re speaking with in the eye.
  17. Tell the truth but be kind about it. Especially when it’s hard to hear.
  18. Achieve big goals by working hard — not by looking for shortcuts.
  19. Catch a case of gratitude. Let it infect everything that you do.
  20. Cover up your weaknesses by focusing on your strengths.
  21. Have a kind word ready for anyone you meet.
  22. Leave your negative thoughts in bed when you get up in the morning.
  23. Tend your relationships like a garden. Plant seeds, nurture often, and reap bountifully.
  24. Act like a hero every day of your life.
  25. Create a legacy of helping other people reaching the finish line with you.
  26. Expect life to treat you unfairly (often).
  27. Head towards where you want to be. Don’t waste time looking back.
  28. Lend a hand, a dollar, or a bit of advice — as often as you can.
  29. Own your results. Jump to your own conclusions.
  30. Refuse to believe that anything is impossible for you to achieve.
  31. Share the spotlight with those who helped you get there in the first place.
  32. Test your limits. Don’t ever be satisfied by what you did yesterday.
  33. Change the conversation. Own the thoughts you have. Choose to be positive.
  34. Hear the silent cry for help coming from those in need around you.
  35. Let criticism drive you to work harder, be more focused, and live more boldly.
  36. Cut back on what you spend money on. Big dreams need a big budget.
  37. Express kindness and gratitude a little more often than you do now.
  38. Like yourself enough to keep trying even when you screw up.
  39. Perform like the world is watching even when no seems to notice that you exist.
  40. Release your inhibitions. Dream like anything is possible.
  41. Shout. Scream. Fight. Lead. Live. Love. Never stop trying.
  42. Throw your worries at the altar of activity. Keep working towards where you want to be.
  43. Claim the high ground with you attitudes and actions.
  44. Dance when you’re happy. Cry when you’re sad.
  45. Face the fact that you’re not going to get it right the first time around.
  46. Hold onto inspirational words, big dreams, and winning moments. Let them empower you.
  47. Link your life to good people and good things around you.
  48. Place yourself in the scary position where success is hard to achieve. It will make you tougher.
  49. Remember the hard working people around you who help you get to where you want to be.
  50. Shut your mouth on angry words, unnecessary criticism, or passive aggression.
  51. Train yourself to stop thinking negative thoughts. Be deliberate about protecting your thoughts.
  52. Aim for perfection. Keep working until you get there.
  53. Fail with grace. Don’t blame other people for your own unsuccessful attempts at greatness.
  54. Break the bonds of debt. Spend small now. Live big later.
  55. Drop anything (or anyone) who is holding you back from where you want to be.
  56. Realize your full potential by working tirelessly to be the best version of you each day.
  57. Send flowers when you do something wrong. A proper apology goes a long way.
  58. Receive criticism for what it is — the opinions of other people. Use what helps you best.
  59. Separate facts from fear. Don’t make decisions based on how things “might go”. Live inspired.
  60. Grow stronger each day — financially, mentally, and physically.
  61. Laugh at yourself. Learn to be humble. Love the opportunity to be better today than you were yesterday.
  62. Handle bad news with dignity. Handle good news with humility.
  63. Talk less than you listen. Think more than either of those.
  64. End any nonsense that saps your budget, your motivation, and your free time.
By Dan Waldschmidt
Dan Waldschmidt is an international business strategist, speaker, author, and extreme athlete.  His consulting firm solves complex marketing and business strategy problems for savvy companies all over the world. Dow Jones calls his Edgy Conversations blog one of the top sales sites on the internet. He’s been profiled in Business Week, INC Magazine, BBC, Fox News, The Today Show, and Business Insider, has been the featured guest on dozens of radio programs, and has published hundreds of articles on progressive business strategy. He is author of Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Achieve Outrageous Success.
Dan Waldschmidt