10 Reasons IPad Will Kill the Kindle

I love the competition innovation brings. You have those who lead the pack and grab share early. Then you have your followers, those who run out and copy the original idea and add their own spin. Then you have your laggards who commoditize the market and drive the prices down.

I’m always curious to what’s going to happen to the innovator. By being first were they able to capture the market or just seed it?

Philips TV launched the flat screen TV but didn’t capture the market.
Apple launched the first real personal computer, but didn’t capture the market.
Friendster launced the Social Media craze but didn’t capture the market
The Kindle launched the ebook reader but won’t capture the market and is about to lose to the IPad

It’s hard to be first AND capture the market.

10 reasons why, despite being first, the Kindle will be relegated to a second tier ebook reader an not capture the market.

  1. Read your blogs without paying– Readers can subscribe to blogs and read them on the IPad with out paying.  The Kindle charges to subscribe to blogs
  2. Share – The IPad allows you to share what your reading instantly with apps for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and cut and paste etc.   Sharing is huge
  3. E-mail – Beyond the sharing capabilities email provides, readers can access other tools of their day in a single device
  4. Social Media – The IPad will allow users to stay connected and engaged with their friends
  5. The apps – There are over 140,000 applications users will be able to use on the IPad.  This increases the utility of the device 10 fold
  6. Internet access – The IPad allows you to search the web with a fully functional browser.  Links provided in the reading come to life instantly. You can access your online newspaper subscriptions and more without additional cost
  7. Movies – You can watch movies on it.  (that’s all I need to say about that)
  8. Pictures – The IPad is a killer photo album
  9. Listen to music – I like to listen to music when I read.
  10. The SDK (software developer kit) – more and more creative people will develop apps just for the IPad.  Wired is building a digital magazine for it.

Bonus Reason – there is a Kindle app for the IPad, therefore you can buy your books from Amazon, and access any books you’ve already purchased as a current Kindle user.  The Kindle is in the IPad.

The Amazon Kindle seeded the ebook market, but like many before them, they won’t own the space.  I guess you could call them Amazon “Apple” seed.

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