They’re Good, But Could be Better – A Coaching Challenge

This week’s What Would You do Wednesday, is going to focus on sales management. Lisa has been your top rep all year.  She is going to do about 110% of quota.  She’s the hardest worker on the team. Lisa makes more calls, puts in more hours and does more prospecting than anyone else. She’s a monster!  It’s because of this effort that Lisa is successful. To her, it is a pure numbers game.  Because she

What Would You Do Wednesday – The Forever Prospect

This weeks What Would You Do Wednesday is going to tackle the infamous “forever prospect.” You know, that prospect that says they want it. The one who is going to buy tomorrow, but tomorrow is always a day away.  I like to call them “Annies.” Like Annie from the broadway show. Beth was working with the V.P. of technology at ShizzyBot.  The sales process went well. Beth had multiple meetings to understand what her buyer

What Would You Do Wednesdays – Going Around Your Buyer

We’ve all been strapped by this excruciating decision.  Do we go around our contact to get a deal?  This weeks, What Would You Do Wednesday takes on this very topic.  I expect there to be a lot of debate and opinions on this one. Derek had been working the director of finance for months. He had given multiple demo’s, answered all of the directors questions, nailed the product fit and demonstrated a compelling ROI.  Derek

What Would You Do? The Customer is Trying To Squeeze You.

More than ever price has become part of the sales discussion. Companies are under tremendous pressure to lower costs and squeeze as much out the budget as possible. This environment is having tremendous effect on selling as buyers are making decisions primarily on price. Because of this trend, I thought a good What Would You Do Wednesdays  would be to create a situation where the buyer is ignoring all the value and wants to only focus

What Would You Do – I Can’t Get to the CEO?

This week’s What Would You Do Wednesday is about getting to the decision maker. I often see deals lost because the right people weren’t engaged.  Getting to the appropriate decision makers is key. Whether selling bottom up or top down, knowing who to talk to, and being able to get in front of them is critical. Getting to the right people, those who influence the decisions, takes a lot of work. I think that’s why

What Would You Do? They Want a Proposal

RFP’s, love or hate them, they are apart of the sales world. I’ve yet to work in an environment where RFP’s were a good way to win business.  Determining to respond to RFP’s is a difficult decision. They take a lot of time and more are lost than won. Terrence has been calling on PostView corp for a little over a year. He’s carefully built a strong network of supporters.  He has known PostView would