Will Your Team Make It or Fall in the Hole?

Teamwork is vital to the success of any organization, be it a sales team, a recruiting team or any combination of people working together. Teamwork is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a common goal. Like the people in my photo, it really takes everyone to pitch in to reach the intended goal and if someone doesn’t fulfill their step in the process the goal won’t be achieved.  I’d hate to see one of the people in the photo let go of the board because someone would fall into oblivion. Ouch.. so be a good team member and do your part of the process. Let’s look at teamwork in more detail. The team must collectively agree with the importance of having and defining: *  A common purpose and clear goals *  The necessary skills and resources *  A common approach to work *  The willingness to share information *  Trust and support in each other *  The ability to work through conflict *  Accountability or ownership for each step in the process In our recruiting organization we have to work as a team to complete the process of placing candidates successfully with our clients. Our process includes the recruiters sourcing the candidates, interviewing them and getting their candidates excited about the potential job with our client.  Our account managers work with our clients and make sure they clearly understand the requirements for the position, what kind of person will be successful for our client, manage the client expectations and submit the candidates to the client. Our team continually shares information and as one person completes their piece of the process, the other one continues the process until we find an awesome candidate, they get an offer from our client and then start their new job. It takes active participation and hard work on everyone’s part but when the team works together it benefits everyone in our company. To create a successful team no matter what type of group you are working with, make sure your team members are fully engaged in sharing ideas and performing the tasks required to get to the goal. Responsibility and accountability are closely related traits that are critical to teamwork. To achieve success, it is important that each team member accept accountability and complete their tasks in a timely fashion. This leads to success!


Keenan is A Sales Guy Inc’s CEO/President and Chief Antagonist. He’s been selling something to someone for his entire life. He’s been teaching and coaching almost as long. With over 20 years of sales experience, which he’ll tell you he doesn’t give a shit about, Keenan has been influencing, learning from and shaping the world of sales for a long time. Finder of the elephant in the room, Keenan calls it as he sees it and lets nothing or no one go unnoticed.