Why Winning Sales Teams Use Recruiting Firms

Join Robye Nothnagel, Lead People Strategist, for BrightTalk Webinar on August 13th, 1pm (MDT) 2014.  Register HERE.

As all sales leaders know, hiring great sales people is far more complicated than checking off a list of relevant experiences and quota attainment. Through this complicated process, working with a recruiting firm can provide a competitive advantage for organizations to improve the time to hire and find the best candidates. Join Robye Nothnagel to learn why it makes sense to work with a recruiting firm and how to maximize your relationship with them to hire the best sales people for your organization.  Topics covered:

* Why working with recruiting firms is a benefit to you and your company
* How working with recruiters shorten the process and gets you a hire quicker
* Why a good recruiter improves the probability of success
* Creative ways to ensure you get the right hire for your team
* How to maximize your relationship with recruiters to hire better sales people


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