What Are You Thankful For?

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up next week, I started thinking about what I’m thankful for and wanted to share that with you and get you to start thinking about what you’re thankful for. Family: First and foremost, I’m thankful for a loving husband that is so supportive of my computer always being attached to my fingers day and night. Sounds so sappy but you recruiters out there know what I’m talking about. Recruiting is a job that stays with you 100% of your day and sometimes if affects your family time, like talking with a candidate when I should be making dinner, so thank you family for putting up with me. My kids too. Every once in a while one of my kids will want to talk to me at 8:00 PM  (which I love that they still do at the age of 13) when I’m checking email and they will come sit on my lap and close my laptop down, so thanks for putting up with that too. My kids are my inspiration and the reason I work crazy hours like we do in recruiting. Work: Last year a friend referred me to Jim Keenan, President of A Sales Guy Recruiting. I’m thankful for that introduction, so thank you Cynthia. It’s been an amazing year working for Keenan. I’m thankful for the knowledge and edginess he imparts on our team and even though I hate to admit it, I’ve also learned to blog and tweet in the past year thanks to Keenan. Our team: Ruth is our Marketing Maven. I’m thankful for her social media and artistic ability that she shares with me; ok really she does it for me, so thanks Ruth. Bob is one of my recruiting partner’s in crime. It’s great to have someone to bounce ideas off and brainstorm with when I need another person to talk to, so thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. Romeo is another recruiting partner in crime. I’m thankful that he works his butt off to find me great candidates to present to my clients and I love his determination. Keep up the great work and thank you for the exhaustive hours you put in every day. Max is the newest member of our team but I can tell already he’s going to bring IT to the marketing team, so welcome and thanks for joining our team. Clients: We wouldn’t have anything to do without you, so thank you for trusting us to find you killer sales people and know that our goal is to deliver the best candidates as quickly as possible. Candidates: We couldn’t do our job without you, so thank you candidates for believing that we will help you find you your dream job. That is our goal after all! I’m also thankful for many things we all take for granted: being healthy, living in a beautiful place like Colorado, extended family, the list could go on and on, but since family and work are so important to me, I wanted to say thank you to the people who make that so fun for me. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you have a lot to be thankful for too.  


Keenan is A Sales Guy Inc’s CEO/President and Chief Antagonist. He’s been selling something to someone for his entire life. He’s been teaching and coaching almost as long. With over 20 years of sales experience, which he’ll tell you he doesn’t give a shit about, Keenan has been influencing, learning from and shaping the world of sales for a long time. Finder of the elephant in the room, Keenan calls it as he sees it and lets nothing or no one go unnoticed.