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Being professionally social nowadays isn’t a suggestion- its a requirement.  Although the younger generations may be more concerned with Facebook and Instagram- Twitter is where you find the thought leaders, the challengers and the #badasses of the corporate world.  Of course this is true of LinkedIn- but only fools rely on one source to find the best people.  Expand, expand and expand again. There are a number of ways to find talent on Twitter and if you can dedicate 30 minutes of your day to solidify these tactics you will yield results for not only you but your recruiting/hr team.  Check the magic five:  1.) Hootsuite is a social media management tool that helps track and manage your many social network channels and accounts.  It  can enable you to monitor what people are saying about your brand and help you respond real-time.  You can also track keywords like #needajob #sales #jobhunt or a combination of all three.  The best part?  You can monitor multiple streams in one place.  SO, create a number of different streams using this tool, and track who is saying what about finding a job, your brand, or open jobs in general.  If you track who responds to ‘open job tweets’ from corporations with ‘like positions’ you are bound to find relevant candidates.  Target those people, get their contact info, and interview ’em, challenge ’em, hire ’em. 2.) Tweets are the key to spreading brand awareness.  For example on ASGR’s twitter account @asgrecruiting- we share multiple tweets (posts) from interviewing skills and relevant industry news, to recruiting tactics and job postings.  How do you want people to see your brand?  ASGR wants to be the source for social and strategic hiring for #badass sales people.  SO ASK YOURSELF- what content can drive YOUR message? 3.) Drive traffic to your homepage, i.e. job postings.  In a perfect world, the #badass candidates, come to us- so driving traffic to your homepage or job’s landing page will be a key driver in this effort. (Hootsuite allows you to set up automatic tweets).  Tweet job postings from your individual account and your company account constantly.   4.) Engagement on Twitter is a pretty obvious suggestion, but there are numerous ways to step up your game when engaging with potential candidates.  Tweet specific jobs at candidates.  Follow as many people as possible that are relevant to your industry and open positions at your company.  Re-tweet their stuff, give them some love and recognition.  Tweet for referrals.  Tweet for further inquiry.  Tweet for dollars, people. 5.) Searching for Candidates. Below I have referenced a number of different ways to find talent on utilizing Twitter Search from @andyheadworth, a leader in social recruiting.  Props Andy! Finding-Talent-Using-Twitter-Search Source: Engage with me on Twitter: @asalesgalnicole, @asgrecruiting Words from the Wise #5:

Great vision without great people is irrelevant- Jim Collins


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