The Difference Between Doin’ It Right & Over-Doin’ It

The other day one of our badass Recruiters, Romeo Bandison told us all he got an 18 page resume.  Yes.  Seriously.  I know.  His words: “I just received an 18 page resume. DELETE!!!! Next.” Apparently this person never heard the saying “Quality over Quantity” or “Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better” or “Don’t Ever Submit An 18 Page Resume Ya Doof!”  I won’t even get into the “why”.  We all know better…I hope.  And we all know why.  I won’t waste my time sampling the countless blog posts that will go into detail with actionable steps to creating a badass resume.  So where am I going with all this?  Simple.  Keep it simple. It works in all areas of business.  And well, life.  You never want to overcomplicate anything.  To put it simply, it’s always better if you can deliver more with less.  Someone smart once said: simply  

Let’s bring it back to sales

If you can’t explain YOURSELF simply, you don’t understand yourself well enough.  Think about that for a sec.  As sales people, if you can’t even sell yourself, what business do you have selling ______.  I’m gonna leave it there.  What do you think?  Let’s try not to get butt-hurt or take any of this personally.  Maybe it means before you go on the job-hunt, you really do some self-reflection.  Who are you professionally.  Then from there it will dictate the actions you take w/ regard to your Linked-in profile, your resume, your cover letters, etc. etc.  Some food for thought.  But definitely don’t ever send anyone an 18 frickin’ page resume. If you need help with your resume, connect with a recruiter. If you’re a badass sales person we can get you hooked up with the right sales position. Do it. Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 1.45.58 PM  


Keenan is A Sales Guy Inc’s CEO/President and Chief Antagonist. He’s been selling something to someone for his entire life. He’s been teaching and coaching almost as long. With over 20 years of sales experience, which he’ll tell you he doesn’t give a shit about, Keenan has been influencing, learning from and shaping the world of sales for a long time. Finder of the elephant in the room, Keenan calls it as he sees it and lets nothing or no one go unnoticed.