The Biggest, Little Mistake Sales People Make with Their Resume

We’re in sales. We’re supposed to be creative, ahead of the curve, the innovators, so if that is the case, why is it we don’t put our LinkedIn profile links on our resumes? Here’s the deal. It’s 2014.  Your LinkedIn profile is more important than your address, that I can tell you. No recruiter or company gives a shit what street you live on. The first thing any recruiter, HR/corporate recruiter or hiring manager does is go check out your LinkedIn profile. Does this surprise you? Why do we make is so difficult to find us.  Why do we make hiring managers and recruiters run searches, double check employment history and scour the 10’s or hundreds of people with our name, just because we aren’t progressive enough to add a simple link. To all my sales compatriots, we’re better than this.  We can lead the way. We need to take our rightful place in the corporate world as the innovators and thought leaders all with one simple step. A commitment to put our LinkedIn Profile links on our resumes. Whaddya say? You in?