The Best Sales And Recruiting Roundup for Sales Leaders

Detroit’s LevelEleven Revs Sales Motivation

Great interview and overview with Bob Marsh of Level Eleven, an internal sales motivation system that integrates with Salesforce.  Level Eleven is a super innovative company that helps sales leaders leverage technology to orchestrate growth within their sales teams.  (Shout out to Bob Marsh, we love our clients!)

“What do you do as a manager when the conventional means of motivating your sales team—competitions, prizes, inspirational speeches—fall flat? How can you leverage technology to help rally and focus your team around company initiatives, product launches, and winning new business?” Click Here to read on.

What Most Sales People Do In The Demo That Loses The Deal

Had to put this one out there, as Keenan brings some killer sales insight about demos.  Learn from the best!

“In the world of SaaS and cloud solutions, the demo is everything. As the demo goes, so goes the sale. Give a shitty demo, and you’re not gonna get the sale. Give a good demo, and you’ve just increased the chances closing the deal. Give a killer demo and get ready to cash your fat commission check and prepare for Presidents Club.” Click Here to read on.

There Is Little Recruiting Competition During December … So Be Bold and Seize a Great Opportunity

Great article about taking the down-time of year to make the most out of the last month of the quarter/year.  Less competition means you will stand out more = Your job postings will be more visible.  If you’re looking for the “A” Player for your sales team, take advantage of this time of year.

” The Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Be Actively Recruiting in December… 6.Without clutter, your jobs will be highly visible – because many fewer jobs are posted during this slack period, any jobs that are posted will be much more visible.” Click Here to read on.

 Roger Ferguson of TIAA-CREF: Always Act as if You’re an Owner

It’s always interesting to me, to read interviews with CEO’s, particularly of larger organizations.  Here’s the Q&A that stood out with respect to recruiting/hiring.

“Q: What are your best interview questions?

A: What do you do with your free time? I’m listening for somebody who is a little more balanced. I’m always asking about team experiences, and about resilience and fortitude. How did you recover from setbacks? What did you do? I like to hear stories, and concrete examples.”  Click Here to read on.

//because we’re a social recruiting company and it’s more fun to see a tweet than a boring link.  🙂 How’s that for a round-up? We don’t like it when our eyes glaze over, so why should we put stuff out there that’s like everyone else?  Boom and boom! Have a great sales day yo!


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