Sales Pump Playlist

For those of you looking for your classic sales playlist you’re definitely not going to find it here.  I’ve compiled a list of Pump-It-Up sales motivation tracks that are current.  Emphasis on current.  Nothing against the oldies, they’re great but why isn’t there a sales playlist that’s for today? Consider this Sales Pump Playlist an equivalent to a workout playlist that gets you going.  I’m not sure about you but I know most people aren’t listening to classics all day.  And here at A Sales Guy, we’re not stuck in the past, we live in the now.  So without further ado, here is my sales motivation playlist.  Drumroll please! Happy- Pharrell WilliamsNot Afraid- Eminem Good Feeling- Flo RidCall Me Maybe Get Lucky- Daft PunkTimber- Pitbull Applause- Lady GagaDo It Again- Royksopp For those of you on Spotify, below is the full playlist with even more Sales Pump tracks that will get you going.  Let me know what ya think?  I’m sure there’s plenty I missed, and I’ll be updating the playlist in the days to come.  What tracks get you going?  Do you have a routine before big sales meetings to amp up with some of your favorite tunes?  Let’s hear it! Sales Pump Playlist


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