Recruiting Roundup: Get Out Of Your Head & Into Reality

Are you recruiting like these ladies?…


Or like these dudes?…

gWL5u Ok, hopefully I got a good laugh outta ya…at least a chuckle.  But there’s a lot to be said for enthusiasm v. realism.  You may think you’re spot on with your recruiting efforts.  You may think you’re doing just fine and in your head you see yourself like the ladies.  But really, everybody else in the world sees you like Will Ferrell & Jason Sudeikis (yes I know, I had to google him too); not really getting anywhere and sort of goofy in your approach.  But you don’t know what you don’t know right?  So here we go, this week’s recruiting roundup of articles that will give you some serious new insight into recruiting.  Personally curated for you; so you can apply to your practices.  This is just what I do, I’m here to serve you and be a resource in any way possible. How To Get Started With Recruiting [SLIDES] gets-started-recruiting-250x180

The Art of Making Job Descriptions Work for You [WEBINAR]

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The Worst Job Interviews Ever  1334630345012_3570141

What 30,000 Thank You Notes Can Teach You About Retention


Saved the best for last.  You know how you complain about how bad your cable is because the menus are hard to navigate?  What if you could call someone and it was a real live person who will tell you how you could fix it?  Yeah seriously.  Just like that but switch to recruiting.  I’m your phone, Robye is your real live person.  Robye Nothnagel is our head People Strategist and she’s a badass recruiter.  Need help working through your hiring challenges?  Click the “Connect With A People Strategist” button below or give me a holla.  I’ll get you hooked up for free.  Now go back to “runnin’ ” like the first two girls and not the two goofy dudes.  😉

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