How to Hire Like the Pros – Be the Best

NO is the Biggest Little Word in Business!

I’m looking for people who’ve got passion, energy and curiosity, and I really emphasize that over specific experience.” -Barney Harford, Orbitz CEO The most successful businesses think differently.  They are creative and innovative, and push their people to learn; be the best.  And that includes their hiring practices.  There’s a reason why Barney Harford doesn’t prescribe to the traditional “resume-centric” hiring methods.  It doesn’t work.  It doesn’t allow for the best creative thinkers to be considered as the best candidate for the job.  Read the interview with Barney Harford:

Barney Harford of Orbitz, on Finding a Team That Fits, NY Times

To be successful, an organization has to foster creativity and innovation at all levels,  Barney Harford lays it down.   One of our three key traits right there!  Creativity. My post last week “The Essence of Recruiting” speaks to how we hire at ASG vs. traditional hiring methods.  Experience doesn’t matter if you don’t have three key traits: Creativity, Analysis, Grit.  It’s  no accident Harford rejects “resume-centric” hiring methods.  We’re sure we’re onto something.  We’re changing the recruiting scene, because it’s better for everyone.  You can’t build a successful team if you don’t look for the BEST!  You can’t get the best if you keep hiring using traditional methods.  We’re not sayin’ it’s easy, by any means.  But what we are saying is the success of your business is reliant on it’s key parts.

Think Better

It’s easy to say it but not so easy to change your way of thinking.  That’s the hard part.  That’s why hiring practices are so slow to change.  That’s why change is slow.  A real change in actions requires a sea change in the way you think.  It takes a lot of maintenance to change your way of thinking. “Reproductive thinking vs productive thinking; reproductive thinking works on making what you’re doing better. Productive thinking tries to create something entirely new.” Think Better Here’s a challenge to our “A” Players, both candidates and hiring managers/recruiters.  How will I become a productive thinker today?  What can I do differently today; not just make something better, but create something entirely new?  Now that’s exciting!

Reach Out

We’ve said it again and again, use social.  Not only does it increase the wealth of knowledge and resources, it increases your reach as a hiring manager/ recruiter.  And as a candidate, get on the networks your potential company is on.  Follow them on all their channels, do the research, share their posts, invest time to really get to them.  Join their discussion groups, make comments, etc.  You will get on their radar once you’re in their circles making a presence socially.  Hiring managers, here are some articles about how to be more social; how to use social to source, and be the best.  Here’s one way you can create something new.  Be social.  Here are some real ways you can become more social:   Use Images to Amp Up Your Social Recruiting Efforts Is Your Linkedin Profile Up to Date or Out of Date? The Kernel of Truth: Why Voice Is At The Heart of Social Recruiting 3 Ways to Be On The Leading Edge of Recruiting (Yes they are all social) 4 Ways to Make Yourself More Socially “Findable” for Recruiters 8 “Oh-hell-yeah!” Tricks to Optimize Linked-in As a Talent Sourcing Tool So yeah, we have maybe one or two posts that can help you to reach out more effectively…  I lied, we’ve got a whole category dedicated to social recruiting.  Take a look here.  Any way we can be helpful to you is another way we can be the best recruiting firm out there!  Let’s all strive to be the best!


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