Do You Know The Most Common Interviewing Mistake?

This one is for you job seekers…

The majority of people in the professional realm can attest that they’ve at one point or another found themselves in the interview chair. The environment is one of sweaty palms, stacks of printed resumes, and eager candidates trying to win over the hiring manager sitting in front of them. The premise of this article simple.

You’re hiring them. Not the other way around.

This is especially the case today in tech, sales, and marketing where jobs are abundant, but hiring managers find themselves in a frenzy as they try to scoop up the limited pool of A-player candidates before their competitors do. Besides the current hiring climate, this concept has or should have always been instilled in the minds of those seeking new job opportunities. As a candidate, you’re putting yourself in a detrimental position if you enter the interviewing process with the only goal of winning over the hiring manager. What about your personal requirements? Things that a pay increase or a fancy new job title can’t always deliver on. These needs might

What about your personal requirements? These needs might include culture, lifestyle, growth potential, etc. These intangibles are quintessential in aligning a candidate’s needs and how well a prospective employer matches them. If these needs are not met, employee happiness will be low which in turn negatively affects their performance and tenure.

A candidate who walks into the interview with the “I’m interviewing you” mindset will be more confident and appealing to the interviewer. 

Now I’m not saying that you should act like a cocky jerk, but having the confidence to ensure the job is a good fit for you, and not just something available, will inevitably make for a successful partnership for both parties.

Dwight gets it:


Ask your questions like you are performing your own interview. 



You should walk away from an interview knowing if the opportunity is going to set your future for success and vice versa. After everyone has drilled questions, both you and the hiring team should have a good sense of your career goals and their business needs. This is crucial to long-term success and a good working partnership.


Now that you made it this far here’s some interviewing parody images that I hope you find as hilarious as I did:



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