Are You On A Mission?

Are you on a mission to be a badass sales person? You’d better be, because if you’re not, here at A Sales Guy Recruiting, we won’t pass you on to our clients. Seth Godin wrote this killer post that describes the type of sales people who we look to find for our clients.

I made it my mission . . . These are the people you want to hire, the people who will become linchpins, the people who will change your organization for the better. Not people who merely accept a mission, or grudgingly grind through a mission, but people who voluntarily choose to make something important their mission. This post from Scott on iOS battery life is what I’m talking about. Mission-driven beats compliant, every time.

If you’re not on a mission to be a badass sales person, to be the best sales person your clients and employers have ever seen then ask yourself what are you doing. When you’re on a mission things happen. You get things done. You lead change. You improve things for the better. When you’re not, you don’t and nothing changes. Companies want people who make things happen. They want badasses. Be on a mission or just don’t play. It wastes everyone’s time.