4 Simple Ways to Boast & Boost EQ & Get Hired Faster

How many times have you heard the words “Looking for a job is a full-time job”? Rarely are jobseekers coming from a place of authority or even a place of confidence so the thought of prospecting 40 hours/week can feel overwhelming.  Let’s stop here and evaluate the situation. Sure, maybe you were abruptly and perhaps unjustly “dismissed” from your last job or maybe you’re reentering the workforce after starting a family. One can feel they don’t have the upper hand and that they’re embarking on an uphill battle. OK, we can dwell on that OR we can realize that we’re at a pivot point to self-assess, refocus our goals and go for that “dream” job! THAT’S what we’re going to tackle today. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the workplace and how you can prepare to WOW at your next interview. First thing’s first, strive to be the best at your craft – know your product/service inside and out and demonstrate a solid work ethic. If you’re A Sales Guy subscriber, you’re no scrub – done and done. Next, RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. With the advent of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc., there is no excuse to not have a good understanding of the firm and even the people you are hoping to join. You want to walk in with a polished statement on why you’re the perfect fit for the job and their culture. Fast forward, you’ve identified the perfect position for you, you’ve got a matching skill set and you’re salivating with want! You think you have it in the bag but alas “You’re not a culture fit” – in laymen’s terms, you’re EQ is not up to par and I don’t see us jiving. NOOOO, don’t you know I’m awesome?!? Sometimes the hiring manager won’t play into your hands but that is the perfect opportunity to show you can control a sales conversation and insert stories that demonstrate your High EQ. Here are 4 simple ways to let your personality shine to get you hired faster: Know Yourself Inside and Out  Q: What do you consider to be a few of your strengths/weaknesses? I think C.G. Jung said it best: “Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Seeing yourself through the lens you see the rest of the world is hard, bottom line. Reflect and journal. If you’re stumped, ask those closest to you. If they’ve worked with you, even better. These strengths and weaknesses will resonate throughout your whole interview – get them down pat. You’re a BOSS at Managing Stress Q: Tell me about a time when you were stressed in your last role? What happened? How did you handle the situation? First listen to your internal dialogue. Be able to identify when you are stressed and your stress response: do you fight of flight? If you don’t like what you find, figure out what most effectively relieves your stress: sight (i.e. r/aww), sound (i.e. favorite music), smell (i.e. aromatherapy), taste (i.e. mmm…cookies), and touch (i.e. stress ball). Craft your story and shine. Extracurriculars that Scream Self Improvement Q: What do you do for fun? This is the true culture fit question. It’s okay to be honest but try and keep it clean, kids. Even better, use this question as an opportunity to show you manage stress in healthy ways in your free time. Hiking, running, biking, yoga, playing with your kids, traveling – all methods to improve your mental and physical state. I’d personally throw in a “fun fact” at the end like “…and I make a mean margarita!” Relax, Just Do It I think we can all agree that an interview is a high pressure situation. Nerves get in the way and it’s hard to “just be yourself”. Take a walk, do a little yoga, any low-impact exercise to get the juices flowing. Pace your prep time and get plenty of sleep the night before. If you’re worried those killer answers will leave your head the moment you step into the office, create a skeleton cheat sheet to ensure you hit on your key points. Dress to impress in something that’s comfortable but radiates confidence. Take a deep breath and SMILE! It breaks my heart to think that exceptional and likable candidates get turned down for jobs every day. Don’t be thwarted, don’t be discouraged. Take a step back, self-assess, make adjustments and get back on that horse. You’re too awesome to be sitting on the sidelines!


Keenan is A Sales Guy Inc’s CEO/President and Chief Antagonist. He’s been selling something to someone for his entire life. He’s been teaching and coaching almost as long. With over 20 years of sales experience, which he’ll tell you he doesn’t give a shit about, Keenan has been influencing, learning from and shaping the world of sales for a long time. Finder of the elephant in the room, Keenan calls it as he sees it and lets nothing or no one go unnoticed.