3 Ways to Be On The Leading Edge of Recruiting (Yes they are all social)

So I’m sure you’ve all seen the #’s, but in case you haven’t here are some compelling Social Recruiting stats for your information (via Jobvite 2013 Social Recruiting Survey Results): png So here we go.  3 ways that you can be on the leading edge of social recruiting:  Mobile, Referral Compensation, Video.   Social Recruiting, like Social Sales, is the leading front of recruiting today.  Those that aren’t using it, aren’t using the tools available to stay ahead of the curve.  The fact is, people are connected via social media, and not using this tool means not being as engaged, not reaching as many people, and not optimizing your recruiting strategy to its highest capabilities.  You WANT to hire the best of the best, the “A” Players, and save time and resources doing it, so there should be nothing holding you back from going social with your recruiting strategy.  It’s the difference between a smart phone and a land line; why limit yourself to an old-fashioned land-line when you have the ability to use a smart phone?  Don’t limit yourself, and join this emerging new industry.  Since I used the analogy of mobile, I’ll start with Mobile: 1.  Mobile: 9/10 Job Seekers are searching for jobs via Mobile (Glassdoor State of Mobile Job Search Survey). Recruiters, HR pros, hiring managers: the numbers prove that mobile is growing exponentially.  In less than a year, the growth in job seekers who use mobile to search for jobs grew about 10%.  According to Glassdoor’s survey, not only do people think mobile will be the primary method for job searches in the next 1-2 years, 1/5 already think they are.  These are some compelling numbers for the future of Mobile Job Search.  If you want to stay current, it might be a good idea to assess your needs via mobile.  The tech term for this mobile technology is “SoMoClo” (Social and Mobile Computing).  Forbes describes it well: It “enables organizations to provide their end-uses the experience that is connect (social), everywhere they go (mobile), with access to data whenever and wherever it’s needed (cloud).” It all adds up to a business imperative for any organization that wants to find and hire stellar talent.”   You need to be smart about how you approach your mobile process.  Your company culture and how you hire, will determine the right path to mobile recruiting success.  Check out the article “Leadership is Catching a Mobile Recruiting Wave”.  It covers the steps involved in finding the right program or app that will fit your needs and works for your unique situation.   2.  Referrals: “Anyone not leveraging social referrals is behind the curve”  (Social recruiting survey results via Jobvite).   Based on survey results from JobVite Social Recruiting Survey,

*Using social networks has improved quantity and quality of employee referrals by 32%.

*Candidates sourced through referrals and company hiring pages are more likely to get hired faster and stay on the job longer.

*68% of companies offer referral compensation to gain competitive edge in hiring.

Referrals are a powerful source for quality hires.  Using your Social Network to mine these referrals will give you the edge on accessing the “A” Players you need.  These are the highest used tactics employers use to compete for the best candidates: better benefits, recruit passive candidates, offer flexible hours.   3.  Video: You have your obvious plusses with video:  Video interviews saves travel and accommodation costs by not having to to pay for candidates to travel for for an in-person interview.  Now recruiters are using video to post videos via social media networks, and their network of websites.  Another way companies are using video in the recruitment process is Company Videos, which reinforce a company’s talent brand; recruiters will post videos that showcase the company, it’s products and services, and company culture.  Perhaps these videos are already a part of the company’s repertoire, but recruiters are now using these videos to portray to the candidates who they are as a company and as a culture.  For example, a recruiter might add a company overview video in his/her Linked-in profile, or direct perspective candidates to said video in the appropriate phase of the recruiting process.  Here are a couple informative articles on the subject of using Video for recruiting:

Why Employers Are Using Video Interviewing & Recruiting (via ERC).

Recruiting Trends for 2014: Social, Video and Moneyball (via Forbes)

AND today’s new technology even allows recruiting professionals the capability to hire via video.  How? “And while gamified virtual job tryouts and tests can help companies simply and inexpensively whittle down a field of candidates, they may also make for a more engaging experience for candidates–which makes the company more appealing when it comes down to accepting or not accepting an offer” (Recruiting Trends of 2014: Social, Video and Moneyball). Case in point: Hiring video from The Misfit.  Just from this 2-minute video, the candidate will know whether or not he or she will be a good fit at this company.  There is no doubt about the company culture as well as the perks and benefits; anyone that does not fit into this culture will not want to work here, and that will weed out a lot of those candidates that won’t last long here.  Just like that, you’ve significantly narrowed down your candidates.    misfits hiring video   So there ya have it.  There’s a brave new world of Social Recruiting out there.  It’s it up to you to choose the best methods to get the most of your recruiting strategy.  You can choose to not ride this social wave, but don’t be dumbfounded if you see your results below par.


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