13 Must Read Sales Books to Become a Badass Sales Person [Updated]

A few years ago I created a list of the best books sales people should read to become a badass.  You can see the list here.  The list included some amazing books. What made that list so special was the surprising number of books that WEREN’T sales books.  The original list of must read sales books for sales badasses included some books that address traits and skills that are critical to sales, but aren’t solely

Could You Own Just 15 Things?

Everyone once in a while I come across something or someone that gets me pumped.   This morning it was this article about James Altucher in the NY Times. My buddy Chris Brogan shared it on Facebook. (I’m getting tired of Facebook, however, it’s shares like this the keep me sucked in.) As readers of this blog know, I love contrarian views. I love people that can rip common perspectives to shreds and give us alternative

My Podcast with @ToddSchnick about Not Taught

I did a really cool interview with Todd Schnick of intrepidNOW the other day. We talked about Not Taught. It was a fun, high energy podcast. We ripped through the book, hit on the key topics, and had a blast talking about the changes the 21st century has created in the world of success. We talk about where we should be focusing our hustle today. Todd did a great job teasing out some key points

Are You Doing What It Takes To Be Successful in The 21st Century? #nottaught

The 21st century has ushered in some pretty big changes.  Most of us are intellectually aware of the changes. We’re not oblivious to them. We whip around the terms information age, 21st century, the millennia, etc. like free candy from a Pez dispenser. But few of us have completely internalized these changes, and how the changes have affected us. Unfortunately, the impact is significant, and it’s hurting us. For me, the conscious recognition of the change started

Breaking Down The Challenger Customer

Do you remember the book the Challenger Sale? The book that got everyone fired up because they said relationships wasn’t the most important skill in selling?  Well, the boys are at it again and I got to interview them. The authors of the Challenger Sale just launched the Challenger Customer and it’s already a Wall Street Journal bestseller (#2). Like the Challenger Sale, The Challenger Customer is based on reams of data that suggest the

Execution Quotes: Quota and Goals (A Sales Guy Book Club)

The biggest gap in sales is quota and quota assignment. Quota is almost  always dolled out willy nilly, with little understanding of the market or what the organization is capable of doing. Usually, the organization has picked some arbitrary revenue number and pushes it down to the sales team with an edict that it must be made. We’ve all seen how this works out and what it does for moral. I love how Larry and

Amp Up Your Sales

I know, right? Who wouldn’t want to amp up their sales? Sales is a tough business. I’ve long argued on this blog the importance of deliberate learning to becoming a badass. My boy Andy Paul, author of Zero-Time selling has come out with another book; Amp Up Your Sales, Powerful Strategies That Move Your Customers to Make Fast, Favorable Decisions. Ya gotta love that title. In Amp Up Your Sales Andy does a good job