What to Do With The Uncoachable

There are certain people who are just not amenable to coaching.

I’m not talking about people who struggle with different styles, but rather those people who just are not receptive to feedback. The people who defend everything, argue when given constructive criticism, and aren’t open to hearing about their shortcomings, that’s who this article is about.

These type of people suck!

I’m just gonna cut to the chase. Uncoachable people will eat an organization from the inside out. There is no room for the uncoachable.

At the core of business is growth. At the core of growth is improvement. The only way to grow is to be able to improve, change, pivot, etc. Therefore, when someone or something doesn’t change or grow, your organization can’t grow.

Uncoachable people are defiant. They are know-it-alls. They defend their position. The don’t listen. They argue. They create walls designed to prevent anything from getting in. Uncoachable people are not open to growth.

Because uncoachable people are so destructive to your organization here’s my advice on how to deal with the uncoachable.

Get rid of them.

Yup, it’s that simple.

You can’t fix the uncoachable. By definition, the uncoachable are unable or unwilling to change. Therefore, why keep them? Now or later, they will be a problem for your organization. They will be a liability to growth. They will prevent you from achieving your goals. They will undermine the culture. They will waste valuable leadership, coaching and management time. You will be compelled to get them to respond, but alas they won’t. You will have meetings, offer feedback, coach, and cajole to no avail. It will all end in frustration.

Therefore the best advice to handling the uncoachable. Don’t hire them and if you do, fire them as soon as possible.

Don’t waste one second on the uncoachable. They don’t want your feedback. Listen to them and don’t give it.