The Importance of a Sales Cadence and the 5 Critical Elements it Must Cover!

A cadence is a rhythmic sequence. In sales leadership a cadence is a rhythmic sequence for engaging with your team.

A sales cadence is the frequency or sequence with which you meet with the team and individuals on the team. It’s how to monitor progress. A predefined cadence is a critical element to successful sales leadership.

A good cadence is the glue that keeps the strategy in place, validates the structure, strengthens the people, and improves the processes.  A good cadence takes into consideration these key elements to success;

  1. The day to day – quota attainment, deal tracking, pipeline review, late receivables, product reviews, H.R. issues, etc. Meeting with the team regularly keeps you on top of the day to day stuff that can get away from you.
  2. Coaching – coaching is a key element in the success of a team. Providing a predictable, preset coaching schedule builds confidence and security that support for individual team members is available.
  3. Planning – I assume your organization has quarterly and yearly plans.  Reviewing the plans and more importantly attainment of the stated goals and objectives is critical. Having the team regularly report on plan progress is a must.
  4. Performance reviews – Unlike coaching, performance reviews provide individual team members with feedback on how they are doing against the desired results and behaviors. It provides a benchmark. It’s where career planning, performance improvement plans etc. can be created.  Combined with coaching, performance reviews can be powerful motivators for individuals.
  5. Team/Organizational reviews“our job isn’t to assemble the best players, it’s to put together the best team.” –Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli. I believe this. The only way to put together the best team is to constantly review the make-up of the team and how it is working together. Assessing the team on a regular basis ensures the right team is in place to be successful.


A cadence can follow any sequence. It’s up to you and the needs of the organization.  That being said, I thought I would share my cadence with you.  Feel free to use it, if it works for you.
Create a cadence that works for you. Put it on the calendar at the beginning of the year. Send invites to everyone with the agenda and objective of the meetings. Once it’s in place, don’t CANCEL and don’t CHANGE it!!  Consistency is critical. It’s called a cadence for a reason.
Do you have a cadence you use?   Is it different? I would love to hear about it.
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