Gap Selling: How to Win with a Problem-Centric Sales Process

Length: 45 – 60 minutes
Audience: Sales Organizations, Teams, and Leadership.

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A sales team that has accelerated sales because they are seen as true sales consultants and sales partners by your prospects and buyers.

The Breakdown:

The noise has never been so deafening. Social Selling, Account Based Selling, Inside Sales, Content Marketing, The Challenger Customer, The Challenger Sale, and Sales Hacks, have all converged on us like shiny little objects, diverting our attention from what matters and that’s the buyers’ needs.

Gap Selling is designed to get your sales team back to basics, plus one. Gap Selling is Keenan’s proprietary selling methodology, centered around your prospects’ current state and their desired future state. In this keynote, Keenan teaches your sales force how to drive greater buyer-centric value into the sales process, in order to increase the probability of winning the deal.

What you get:

Learn how to identify the gap between a prospect’s current state and desired future state, including:

  • how to measure the gap
  • how to put a value on the gap
  • help the customer see it
  • how to expand it
  • and why it matters to the sale

Learn how to correctly identify the real problems in the sales process, not the perceived problems

  • stop selling to symptoms
  • Discover the difference between technical problems and business problems and why it matters
  • How to hold the buyer accountable to sales process
  • How to know if a deal is really a deal
  • The difference between deal reaction and deal creation and how they affect quota attainment

Challenge, educate, motivate, inspire and entertain your sales organization.

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