Elevating the Team

Length: 45 – 60 minutes
Audience: General Leadership, B2B Sales Organizations, B2B Sales Leaders

Book this Keynote if you want:

A team that is absolutely crushing it and delivering more than it could on it’s own. If you want a team where 1+1=100.

The Breakdown:

The most valuable asset a leadership team brings to the table is leadership. Unfortunately, too often we lose sight of this. Caught up in the day to day challenges of reporting, meetings, closing deals, and hiring and firing, team development becomes the causality of management.

Team development has the greatest return on time invested, over anything else we can do. Team development allows us to get more out of people, than people can get out of themselves, which in turn translates to greater productivity, improved culture, more energy, greater innovation, and more.

What you get:
  • A framework for measuring and managing your team’s development
  • How to coach to greatness
  • When to give up on people
  • How to push people beyond their perceived limits.
  • How to identify true “A” Players vs the Fakes
  • How to build highly motivated, excited teams

Challenge, educate, motivate, inspire and entertain your sales organization.

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