Bet on Yourself

Length: 45 – 60 minutes
Audience: General

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Your people to OWN their job and take more accountability for their results.

The Breakdown:

Too many people look to be told what to do. They move through their job expecting to be told what to do and how to do it.  Rather than attempt to OWN their job, they become doers of their jobs. When we become doers of our jobs, we don’t innovate, improve, or expand. We just do.

In this Keynote, Keenan pushes your team to evaluate what they bring to the table and the value they offer as employees. Rather than evaluate their job in terms of what they get, Keenan gets participants to understand that their value is measured in what they can deliver and that their value starts with them.

Keenan challenges people to look at the impact they have, how they structure their job, the value they deliver, how they influence their position and how their ability to create success for the company translates into success for the them.

What you get:
  • Why most of us play scared and don’t truly live to our potential
  • Why we look for others to invest in us, rather than us investing in ourselves
  • Why we act as victims more than we know
  • How to own our jobs and take greater ownership for our success
  • How to build an organization that empowers, not shackles
  • An energized, motivated and inspired audience ready to take control of their job and their results

Challenge, educate, motivate, inspire and entertain your sales organization.

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