Get the strategy right, and you’ve won half the battle.

We make sure your strategy is a winning strategy

We work with you to evaluate and establish the following elements:
  • Goal Setting

    What metrics really matter to delivering on your goals?

    What are the leading indicators and what are the lagging indicators?


    Who are truly your customers?

    What do they buy from you?

    What makes them unique?

    What is it about their business that makes your product a perfect fit?


    What is your company’s best penetration approach?

    What tools, methodologies, and offerings etc. will best maximize market penetration?

    What market conditions can you leverage?

    • New regulations/mandates
    • New technologies
    • Economic conditions
    • Trends
    • Competition
    • Customer base
  • Messaging

    What messaging are you using?

    How are you positioning your story to support your strategy?

    How are you conveying the strategy internally, why is this the winning strategy for the team?

  • Execution

    What are the key initiatives and tactics to execution?

    How will this work, how will it be rolled out?

    What resources will be required?

    What business partners will be needed?

    What internal functional groups will you need to partner with?

    What executive support will be required?

Let’s Keep it Real

One of the most important jobs as a sales leader is to set the direction of the sales team. It’s their job to point the sales organization in a winning direction. It’s their job to identify and deliver an innovative, effective, and winning sales strategy.

Let’s keep it real, we all know that sales organizations, left to their own devices, will be all over the place. Sales teams require guidance. They need to be pointed in the right direction that best sets them up for success.

Far too often, the strategy pillar of sales is an afterthought. Like many efforts, we just start doing, giving little thought to where we are headed, and why we chose the path that we did.

A Sales Guy Consulting understands what it takes to identify your company’s unique, strategic go-to-market opportunities. We work closely with our clients in order to align their greatest product and operational strengths with the opportunities in the market.

Identifying sales growth strategies is not easy. It requires data, intuition, insight, market knowledge, vision, and more. ASG Consulting is great at pushing organizations to find the strategic opportunities that can drive sales growth. We work with our clients to get answers to difficult questions, questions that can lead to the creation of winning sales strategies.

Killer sales strategies answer internal and external questions about the environment in which the company is playing, including:

What’s happening in your market today?
What regulatory changes are there?
How are buyer habits changing?
What’s your base doing?
Are they using the product different, are new problems surfacing?
Are there pricing opportunities you can exploit?
Are there competitive weaknesses that can be attacked?

Developing sales strategy is about understanding the landscape in which you play. It’s about having greater knowledge of the environment, what the playing field looks like, what and who the players are, what resources are available to you, how to leverage those resources, and when to leverage the resources, etc. Building a winning sales strategy is about creating a plan of action that will leverage and exploit the selling landscape to your companies advantage.

At ASG Consulting, we live for this stuff.

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