We like to make process pretty.

Yeah, we know, sales people don’t like process. But we say, sales people don’t like bad processes. They love processes that make them money, help them sell more, and make quota. So, it’s safe to say that they’re gonna love the process we help you implement.


If process is done correctly, process is a beautiful thing and A Sales Guy Consulting makes sure you have pretty processes.


Strong sales organizations rely on good, repeatable, and simple processes to remove the selling friction and provide visibility. A Sales Guy Consulting has proven processes that work. We remove friction from your sales cycle. We provide visibility into your sales engine. We provide dashboards that work. We get your sales engine humming. We make process pretty.

The key to avoiding process for process sake is understanding where and when process is needed and where it is not needed.

A Sales Guy Consulting works with its clients to evaluate where processes are hurting the organization and where they are not.

Starting with a solid sales process, ASG Consulting supports process development across a myriad of sales functions including:

  • Account Planning and Strategy
  • Pipeline Management
  • Content Management
  • Coaching
  • Sales Team Evaluation
  • Account Governance
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Demo Delivery
  • Hiring Process
  • And MORE…

Process matters; making them work matters even more. ASG Consulting makes sure our clients have light, nimble, and integrated processes that enable attainment of the goals.

By implementing, light, flexible, and enabling processes our clients enjoy greater productivity, improved metrics, and accelerated growth.

But wait… there’s more.

We don’t forget that salespeople don’t like process, therefore ASG Consulting clients experience impressive process adoption by the sales team. By keeping the process targeted, relevant, and light, process adoption is high.

As much as process is a dirty word, it’s the keystone to a highly functioning 21st-century sales team, so we help you build good ones.

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