Your greatest asset is your people — PERIOD!  We know, we get it. It’s a ridiculously trite phrase. It’s carted out far too often, but the truth is, it’s pretty accurate.

Your ability to meet your goals, to accelerate revenue growth, execute the strategy, find new markets, leverage social media, create an engaging culture, solve big problems, and have fun all comes down to your people.


They are the horsepower to success, the catalysts to change, and the energy for fun. Unfortunately, people can also be the anchors to growth, the preventers of innovation, and the destroyers of energy. As much as great people can make an organization, the wrong people can bring a sales organization and its culture to its knees.

There is no company that understands this better than A Sales Guy Consulting.

We know people, we know how to find, hire, motivate, coach, engage, and exit people like no other firm.


A Sales Guy Consulting has one of the most flexible and dynamic frameworks for people evaluation in the industry. Targeting soft and hard skills, ASG Consulting provides our clients a multi-faceted methodology to evaluate the sales force for capabilities and fit within the organization.

Don’t be fooled. Don’t think that just because someone is making quota or is your top rep that they are a good fit or an “A” Player.

In a recent engagement ASG Consulting encountered an organization where the top rep was doing 75% of the company’s revenue. After a robust evaluation, we concluded she was not the “A” Player everyone thought. We recommended redefining the role for all new incoming reps. Within 18 months, this individual was being outsold by the new reps and represented 11% of the sales. All the while, sales grew 20%.


Finding and hiring is tough. Too often organizations target the wrong people, using outdated requirements that do not correlate to success. ASG Consulting knows exactly what a killer salesperson and sales leader look like. Not only that, we know exactly what a killer sales leader and salesperson should look like in your organization and we’ll make sure you do too. Hire right! We’ll help you do that.


57% of sales people want more coaching, so let’s give it to them. There is no single people effort that yields more results than coaching. A Sales Guy Consulting loves coaching and we make our clients coaching Ninjas.

Yup, you guessed it. We have our own slick coaching cadence and methodology that your team is growing, developing, and improving constantly.

We don’t believe in stagnant teams. Let’s keep em growing.

A Sales Guy Consulting doesn’t see salepeople as an after thought, we see them as everything.

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