ASG Recruiting Quote Roundup

Badass recruiting, that’s what we do here at A Sales Guy Recruiting.  This week I’ve put together a recruiting quote roundup; the best posts that will help you find the “A” Player you’re looking for, and how to become that “A” Player yourself.  Recruiting keeps you on your toes; A Sales Guy Recruiting is here to help you hone your skills and keep it fresh.  Take a look at our freshest recruiting quotes and read the posts if you haven’t already.  Quotes are a friendly reminder to me, of the values that I hold.  Hope these are of some value for ya on a Monday, have a great week! CREATIVE (1)          


Experience Doesn’t Matter — If Your Sales Candidates Don’t Have These 3 Things


A players (2)


You Know You’re Interviewing an “A” Player When . . .

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Can A Great Resume Prevent You From Hiring an “A” Player?

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It’s on you! How to Find “A Players” TODAY

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NO is the Biggest Little Word in Business!



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