The Key Requirement To A Sales Opportunity

There almost always seems to be a discussion or debate between what qualifies as an opportunity in sales. The decision criteria can be all over the place. Some folks use BANT, other use Medic. Some use their homegrown criteria?

The definitions of what makes a sales opportunity a sales opportunity are robust and varied.  In spite of the various number of definitions, there is one absolute requirement to a sales opportunity. It doesn’t matter what else is present; it’s not an opportunity if this element is absent.

A real sales opportunity requires the prospect to commit to going on the sales journey with you. It requires the prospect commit to engaging with you and participating in the sales process. Without that, there is no opportunity. You’re not selling to yourself.

That’s it.

Everything else is just additive. You can’t sell to yourself.

This goes for deals where the prospect goes dark. If a prospect is no longer calling you, if they’ve stopped responding to emails, if they aren’t showing up to meetings and they are not engaging, you’ve lost the deal. It’s no longer an opportunity.

At the end of the day, opportunities need one key element, an engaged prospect who is willing and able to go on the sales journey with you. If you don’t have an engaged buyer, you don’t have a sales opportunity, period.

Build as robust or as simple an opportunity criteria as you prefer, but at the end of the day remember it’s not an opportunity until and only when the buyer says; “Yes, I’m interested in talking to you more about this, let’s do it.”  Everything else is there to make us feel good.

Make sure your buyers are truly engaged and participating in the sales process, ’cause if they’re not, you don’t have an opportunity.