Why reinvent the wheel? A Sales Guy Consulting tools are proven, real world tools designed to help you do your job better. From sales team development, to account management and strategy development we’ve got the templates and tools you need to get to the next level. Show you’re boss you’re an “A” player!

Sales Email Response Probability Scorecard

Do you want to see a better ROI on the countless sales emails you send? This email scorecard provides an effective framework for rating and crafting emails that perform BEFORE you hit send. Learn the 8 critical elements that every sales email needs to  get your prospects and clients to open and respond. This is your success formula!

Problem Identification Worksheet

If you don’t have a clear idea about the problems that your clients and their businesses are facing BEFORE you pick up the phone, you won’t close shit. This Problem Identification Worksheet provides an easy way to identify the key problems your clients and prospects are facing & understand their impact so that you are armed to be the solution!

Open Sales Position Cost Calculator

If you have an open sales position that’s not being filled, it’s costing you money, potentially lots of money. This cost calculator will tell you exactly how much you losing by not filling the seat faster or at all. Don’t fly blind, find out what an open sales position is costing your organization.

Prioritization Worksheet

Are you juggling a lot of sales initiatives? Are you trying to determine which will to start that will give you sales the biggest lift? Use this prioritization worksheet to prioritize your sales initiatives. Stop wasting time on the things that won’t matter.

Sales Team Assessment [Management Tool]

Team management and development are critical to sales success. Use this template to create a 360 degree view of your sales team

Sales Strategy Development Template G.S.I.T. [Management Tool]

Goals, Strategies, Initiatives, Tactics — getting these right will be the difference between success and failure. Don’t be caught dead without your G.S.I.T. on. Get it now!

Account Vision and Penetration Template [Sales Tool]

You have to know where you’re going in order to get there. The Account Vision and Penetration Template will help you determine where the opportunities are in your accounts. From wallet share to the competitive landscape you’ll know what needs to get done.

Account Management Cadence Template [Sales Tool]

Don’t leave things to chance. Be proactive, establish a strong account management cadence that gets you access to all levels of your accounts. The account management cadence template will have you and your customers humming from the same hymnal.

Account/Territory Plan Template [Sales Tool]

Don’t leave things to chance. Building strong sales account relationships isn’t an accident. Don’t be the customers’ bitch. Build a sales plan that positions you as the customer’s go-to-player with this account/territory plan template.

Hiring Scorecard [Management Tool]

Increase the effectiveness of your hiring process with this killer hiring score card. Make each “stage” in the hiring process work better at learning if you’re talking to an “A” player or a “C” player.

Sales Team Productivity [Management Tool]

How do you know if you need more sale people or if your existing team is under-performing? This tool will help you decide if it’s time to hire more sales people or if your sales people need to turn it up.

Coaching Cadence Template [Management Tool]

A good sales organization focuses on developing and motivating it’s people. This guide will help you build a coaching cadence to get the most out of your sales team.

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How to Coach Winning Sales Teams

How to Coach Winning Sales Teams

THE BEST players, sales teams, and sales organizations are those with the best coaching, yet most sales organizations aren’t doing it right, if at all. Download the eBook now and learn the 5-step coaching process that WILL get more out of your sales team!




The Key to a Successful Cold Call

Getting customers to call you back or set a meeting requires intrigue. Intrigue breaks the traditional thinking patterns of our customers and prospects. The more intriguing your message, the more likely you’ll make your way into their calendars and business priorities.
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Account/Territory Sales Strategy Template [Slides]

A comprehensive account planning and strategy template. Strategy development and execution are critical to a successful selling environment. This template is an easy-to-follow, yet powerful tool to increase sales success.
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