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22 Crazy Sales Tips That Actually Work!

We interviewed 22 of the world’s best sales experts & compiled their craziest, most effective sales hacks & sales tips. Your competitive edge is right here!

Sales Coaching & Quota Attainment Survey

Is sales coaching actually valuable? That is the question we wanted answered! A Sales Guy Inc interviewed 1,010 salespeople and sales leaders to get the real data on sales coaching. A Sales Guy digs deep to find out.


How to Create Sales Emails That Actually Get Opened

Download a playbook guide to writing effective, intriguing emails that your prospects and customers actually open.

Sales Plan Development Toolkit

It’s not too late to get prepared to crush your 2020 with this Sales Plan Development Tool Kit. Learn what the key success factors are in making your number. Complete with additional workbooks and templates.

How to Coach Winning Sales Teams

THE BEST players, sales teams, and sales organizations are those with the best coaching, yet most sales organizations aren’t doing it right, if at all. Download the eBook now and learn the 5-step coaching process that WILL get more out of your sales team!

How To Do A Kickass Sales Demo

Demos are one of the most effective ways for salespeople to drive sales, but only if they are done RIGHT! Download the ebook now and find out how to plan and execute a KICKASS demo!

Social Media and Sales Quota Survey (Parts 1 & 2 COMBO)

In 2012, the Social Media and Sales Quota Survey uncovered that #SocialSelling plays a BIG impact on revenue. 3 years later, we found that the correlation has grown even stronger over time! Get both books with this single download!

Social Media and Sales Quota Survey (Part 2)

FACT: Social media has a BIG impact on revenue.
This is a much-needed follow-up to the 2012 Social Media and Sales Quota Survey. The results are in and the impact is growing FAST!

Sales Is Business – 10 Elements Of Business Killer Sales People Understand

Elevate your mastery in sales; consider this eBook, Business Acumen For Sales 101. It’s designed to school you on the key business aspects that affect business and the business world and tie it to sales.


How to Run a Killer Pipeline Meeting

Don’t run a boring pipeline meeting again. Learn how to run pipeline meetings that get you the data you need to make your number and crush quota.


A Real Sales Cycle

Sales cycles aren’t linear. Learn why treating your sales cycle in a linear fashion can cost you sales. Learn how understanding what the real sales cycle looks like can close more deals, faster.

Using Twitter for Sales

Sales people who use Twitter sell more than those who don’t. Learn how to close more business and connect with more customers through the power of Twitter.

Content Marketing Strategy Starter Kit

Content Marketing is a one of the key must have strategies to hit quota this year. This smoking starter kit will make sure you don’t miss the little things. Do it right the first time.

Case Study – Fathom Online Marketing

Fathom grew revenue 300%, launched a new product and overhauled their sales team in just 6 months. See how they did it.

Intrigue — Successful Cold Calling

Successful cold calling requires getting someone’s attention. Learn the science behind creating intrigue and capturing your customers attention.

Don’t Let Your Ass Catch Fire [Article]

Is your sale organization synchronized? This article from Sale Development Magazine helps you learn how to synchronize your sales team.


How to Hire A-Players

Hiring “A” Players is the key to a killer sales team. Knowing how to hire “A” players is the challenge. Reduce your hiring failures with this ebook.

[Report] Social Media and Sales Quota Attainment

72.6% of sales people using social media outperformed those sales people not using social media. See where and how social media affects quota attainment in today’s selling world.

The Perfect Quarterly Sales Review

Make your number by increasing accountability and improving execution with this ebook. Learn how to run better Quarterly Sales Reviews that get results.

Featured Resources


Problem Identification Worksheet

If you don’t have a clear idea about the problems that your clients and their businesses are facing BEFORE you pick up the phone, you won’t close shit. This Problem Identification Worksheet provides an easy way to identify the key problems your clients and prospects are facing & understand their impact so that you are armed to be the solution!



The Key to a Successful Cold Call

Getting customers to call you back or set a meeting requires intrigue. Intrigue breaks the traditional thinking patterns of our customers and prospects. The more intriguing your message, the more likely you’ll make your way into their calendars and business priorities.
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Account/Territory Sales Strategy Template [Slides]

A comprehensive account planning and strategy template. Strategy development and execution are critical to a successful selling environment. This template is an easy-to-follow, yet powerful tool to increase sales success.
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