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360 Degree Deal Review [Tool via Renbor Sales Solutions]

The need to review every or a significant sample of your transactions is crucial. Download the Renbor 360 Deal Review tool to identify and understand what is working, what is not, and more importantly, what you are prepared to do about it. The most important and valuable step in the review process is to set best practices and implement change.

Cold Calling Guide [Infographic via InsightSquared]

How many times should a sales rep call a non-responsive prospect, before throwing in the towel?
Download to find out:
– How important is the first attempt?
– When should you give up?
– Walk away with one customizable solution to getting your cold calling cadence on point!

Diagnosing Churn [Infographic via Gainsight]

Think of customer churn as something that results in a doctor’s visit, like recurring migraines or high cholesterol. It’s painful, annoying, and won’t go away. While the cause of your company’s churn ailment might be indiscernible to the untrained eye, a professional Customer Success Manager can monitor, diagnose, and prevent churn much like a doctor treats high cholesterol with a Rx.

13 Tips for Upsells [Infographic]

Think of customer churn aWhen it comes to upsells, timing is everything. Knowing when to present an offer to a customer is just as important as knowing what offer to present. You’ve got to not only be clear on what success means, but also identify customers with expansion potential. This infographic covers the top 13 things you need to know about making an upsell offer to a customer.

Top Sales Productivity Tools

Are you looking for new sales tools to help you make your number? Nancy Nardin has built the best interactive tool review on the planet. Check it out the top sales tools of 2013.

Prospecting Tool Kit – Jill Konrath

Jill goes crazy with this tool kit, offer 4 distinct resources to get you and your team prospecting like pros.

Find the Weak Link

Find the weak link on your sales team. Don’t let this quarter’s big deal slip through your fingers. Download and use this scorecard to make sure you have an ‘A’ team in Download

Sales Project Execution Plan – Sales Benchmark Index

Avoid wasting money on sales projects, prevent thrashing by the team, create ownership and a path to execute. Great blog post here.

Value Proposition Kit – Jill Konrath

Weak value propositions are the root cause of most sales failure. If you can’t articulate yours in a clear and compelling manner, your prospects will brush you off in a nanosecond

The Scalable Sales Compensation Calculator

Discover How to Craft Sales Compensation Plans that Yield Big Results
As most sales executives have discovered, sales compensation is a delicate balance. Pay too little, and you’ll never attract A-Players. Pay too much, and you’ll struggle to scale your sales organization. The sustainable middle ground can protect your margins and fully motivate sales reps to deliver BIG RESULTS.

Outbound Index

How does your outbound prospecting stack up? What type of return should you expect from your outbound efforts? The Outbound Index will help you answer that very question. If your banking your sales and revenue on outside prospecting, this is a must read!

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How to Coach Winning Sales Teams

How to Coach Winning Sales Teams

THE BEST players, sales teams, and sales organizations are those with the best coaching, yet most sales organizations aren’t doing it right, if at all. Download the eBook now and learn the 5-step coaching process that WILL get more out of your sales team!




The Key to a Successful Cold Call

Getting customers to call you back or set a meeting requires intrigue. Intrigue breaks the traditional thinking patterns of our customers and prospects. The more intriguing your message, the more likely you’ll make your way into their calendars and business priorities.
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Account/Territory Sales Strategy Template [Slides]

A comprehensive account planning and strategy template. Strategy development and execution are critical to a successful selling environment. This template is an easy-to-follow, yet powerful tool to increase sales success.
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