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Strengthen Your Sales Stack via leveleleven

Is your sales stack optimized for superior sales performance?
Sales managers are really busy with day-to-day analysis, coaching and countless meetings and often your sales stack doesn’t get the attention it deserves.
leveleleven’s Strengthen Your Sales Stack guides sales leaders through 3 keys to building a killer sales stack. Your salespeople and their quota attainment will thank you.

Are You Listening To Your Business? via Katalyst

Structure is a key element to any effective sales organization and
Results can (and usually) include an immediate surge in employee morale, sales, referrals and win-backs.
The Listening Report, by Katalyst offers Executives, Business Owners and Department Heads a chance to gain business intelligence and information never available to them before. And it starts with ‘strategic listening.’

The 5 Fundamental Skills of World-Class Sales Managers via The Brooks Group

World-class athletic teams win for one reason and one reason only: they have absolute mastery over the fundamentals.
World-class sales managers are no different.
Our whitepaper, titled The 5 Fundamental Skills of World-Class Sales Managers, reveals simple, straightforward leadership and coaching tactics sales managers can implement today to get better results out of their team with less effort.

Maximizing LinkedIn for Business via Neal Schaffer

Thought LinkedIn was just for job seekers? Think again. Linkedin is the most important destination for your sales and social media marketing efforts if you’re in the B2B space. When looking at Linkedin’s extensive functionality from a sales and marketing perspective as presented in this book, you’ll soon understand how you can create new business from your Linkedin activities.

The Expert Series Collection via InsightSquared

Want to learn the tricks of the trade from the best of the best? The team at InsightSquared jumped at the chance to pick the brains of sales experts who have all gained a wealth of expertise through their decades of experience. Find out what sales experts like Gary Vaynerchuk, Jason Lemkin, and Lincoln Murphy doing differently than everyone else.

The Key to Unlocking Customer Advocacy

Rapid and sustainable growth comes not just from acquiring customers, but also from making customers successful and turning them into advocates.
Customer lifetime value can be 2X higher when you leverage an advocacy program. In Gainsight’s latest eBook, discover how to create, identify, and mobilize advocates by aligning customer success and marketing.

The Principles of Entrepreneurs

How Precise Economic Philosophy Empowers Sales – Learn how the principle of entrepreneurs can help you in sales; from your products to your market, thinking like an entrepreneur can help you blow it up

An Introduction to Lead Nurturing

Learn how to leverage lead nurturing to increase high-quality conversions and reduce your cost of customer acquisition. Download our 87-page ebook, which will walk you through the basics of lead nurturing. (Another Hubspot Gem)

How to Construct an Achievable Business Development Plan

In Topsalesworlds words: This document highlights the key issues you should consider, prior to compiling your own plan, and will hopefully guide you logically through a proven framework

2013 Sales Compensation & Performance Mgt Report [Sales Leadership]

CSO Insights and Hoopla bring you this killer report on the state of sales compensation and sales person performance. A great read for anyone responsible for sales comp, quota, sales team development.

The Secrets of Cold Calling

If you’re ready to learn more about what to avoid when cold calling, in terms of your sales ‘vocabulary’ get this book today. It will give you information on how to handle resistance over the phone from your potential clients so you can book more appointments.

How to Communicate with Influence

We’re all looking for an easier way to connect with our prospects and peers. Whether or not you’re in a “traditional sales role”, you’re in the business of influence. We spent a lot of time everyday trying to influence decisions in our professional and personal lives. Check out this ebook to learn how. [Sales Pros and Sales Leaders]

How to Keep Customers Happy

When it comes to looking after our customers, quite often there’s a gap, a huge gap between theory and practice. There are books about customer relations, there are videos about customer relations, and there are Gurus (mostly self-appointed) about customer relations. None of them actually have to deliver customer relations.

How to Chose the Right Solution to Nurture Leads and Customers

in today’s world, you as a marketer must engage prospects and customers across many different channels, with more content, at exactly the right moment. That’s where nurturing comes into play. To succeed—and to engage today’s buyer, marketers need to change how they think about and handle nurturing. But how do you find the right lead nurture solution for you and your company?

Jill Konrath’s Snap Snippets

Super fast read Jill Konrath shares 45 quick sales tips on how to engage crazy-busy prospects and increase sales.

How Sales Can Use Social Media to Close More Deals

As marketers, we know that social can provide value to the sales process. But how do we actually get sales buy-in? This ebook will dive into how your sales team can use social media to close more deals. via HUBSPOT

be the Red Jacket in a sea of gray suits

There are plenty of gray suits out in the crowded marketplace. To stand out, to differentiate yourself is a process that you can master. Learn how you can be the Red Suit so you can increase sales.

OutSell Yourself

Personalize your selling process, learn how to change the conversation to differentiate between men and women buyers, and connect with buyers like never before. Kelly’s book will give you practical straightforward wisdom to get your sales moving.

Selling Fearlessly

If there were such a thing as a story book of sales, this book would qualify. Robert has done a killer job of delivering real, valuable sales advice in story format. He’s like the Shakespeare of sales — OK without the prose.

Do You Mean Business?

Well, who doesn’t? Business development is part of everyone’s job description, whether stated or not. Tips on how to work with, for, and sell to technical professionals. Expand your territory and income instead of avoiding this important industry segment.

Quit Whining and Start Selling

I love the title of this book. Kelly has put out a killer book to help sales people get to the next level. “No theory. No rah-rah. Just powerful and field-proven selling principles that will vault your career into the top 5% of your industry.”

Nice Girls Do Get the Sale

Chicks rock and Elinor makes this abundantly clear in Nice Girls do get the sale. “laugh-out-loud funny and containing so much valuable information, I need to read it with a highlighter in hand.”

LinkedIn Secrets Revealed

The secret is out and Jill serves it up for you! Don’t wait, learn how LinkedIn can help you make your number

The Zen of Sales

Todd Schnick share his sales genius in his ebook.

New Sales Simplified

Great book by Mike Wienburg. You can see my review here.

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