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We get it, there is killer content all over the web. Rather than make you scour the internet looking for it, I’m bringing the best sales and sales leadership content to you.

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Strengthen Your Sales Stack via leveleleven

Is your sales stack optimized for superior sales performance?
Sales managers are really busy with day-to-day analysis, coaching and countless meetings and often your sales stack doesn’t get the attention it deserves.
leveleleven’s Strengthen Your Sales Stack guides sales leaders through 3 keys to building a killer sales stack. Your salespeople and their quota attainment will thank you.

Are You Listening To Your Business? via Katalyst

Structure is a key element to any effective sales organization and
Results can (and usually) include an immediate surge in employee morale, sales, referrals and win-backs.
The Listening Report, by Katalyst offers Executives, Business Owners and Department Heads a chance to gain business intelligence and information never available to them before. And it starts with ‘strategic listening.’

The 5 Fundamental Skills of World-Class Sales Managers via The Brooks Group

World-class athletic teams win for one reason and one reason only: they have absolute mastery over the fundamentals.
World-class sales managers are no different.
Our whitepaper, titled The 5 Fundamental Skills of World-Class Sales Managers, reveals simple, straightforward leadership and coaching tactics sales managers can implement today to get better results out of their team with less effort.

Maximizing LinkedIn for Business via Neal Schaffer

Thought LinkedIn was just for job seekers? Think again. Linkedin is the most important destination for your sales and social media marketing efforts if you’re in the B2B space. When looking at Linkedin’s extensive functionality from a sales and marketing perspective as presented in this book, you’ll soon understand how you can create new business from your Linkedin activities.


360 Degree Deal Review [Tool via Renbor Sales Solutions]

The need to review every or a significant sample of your transactions is crucial. Download the Renbor 360 Deal Review tool to identify and understand what is working, what is not, and more importantly, what you are prepared to do about it. The most important and valuable step in the review process is to set best practices and implement change.

Cold Calling Guide [Infographic via InsightSquared]

How many times should a sales rep call a non-responsive prospect, before throwing in the towel?
Download to find out:
– How important is the first attempt?
– When should you give up?
– Walk away with one customizable solution to getting your cold calling cadence on point!

Diagnosing Churn [Infographic via Gainsight]

Think of customer churn as something that results in a doctor’s visit, like recurring migraines or high cholesterol. It’s painful, annoying, and won’t go away. While the cause of your company’s churn ailment might be indiscernible to the untrained eye, a professional Customer Success Manager can monitor, diagnose, and prevent churn much like a doctor treats high cholesterol with a Rx.

13 Tips for Upsells [Infographic]

Think of customer churn aWhen it comes to upsells, timing is everything. Knowing when to present an offer to a customer is just as important as knowing what offer to present. You’ve got to not only be clear on what success means, but also identify customers with expansion potential. This infographic covers the top 13 things you need to know about making an upsell offer to a customer.


Mike Lazerow, Salesforce CMO: Weird Is The New Normal

Why the most successful people out there are Weirdos. Salesforce CMO, Mike Lazerow talks about “weird”. “It’s never been more dangerous to be normal”. Wise words. His article on Linked-in: here.
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Russell Peters: The Most Successful Comedian You’ve Never Heard Of

“You might as well get on board at the beginning of the train ride, rather than jump aboard the speeding train…and I’ve never been the kind of guy who’s done things the formulaic way.” -Russell Peters
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The Wolf Of Wall Street Sales Pitch

Why this sales pitch is frick’s awesome and you can learn from it.
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Webinars & Podcasts

#MagnaOnAir The Spotlight: “Experience Doesn’t Matter. Expertise Matters.”

In Episode 17, Keenan joins Jason Berard & Rory McMillan on this episode of The Spotlight to share his sales methodologies and career story. They also dive into“Not Taught”, discussing how salespeople should evolve their strategy to keep up with the transition into the information/digital era instead of sticking with traditional teachings that are no longer prudent
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Accelerate! w/ Andy Paul: Winning Big Through Hustle & Grit

In Episode 4 of Andy Paul’s podcast, Keenan shoots straight from the hip and shares his unvarnished opinions about why he thinks the average sales reps can’t sell to save their life. And what they must do to become top performers. As a candidate, you’ll learn how to package the intangible strengths you offer as a salesperson, as a hiring manager, how to identify the diamonds in the rough when hiring for your next sales position, and more.
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The Sales Podcast: Correct or Eject For Business Growth

In Wes Schaeffer’s (aka The Sales Whisperer) podcast, you’ll learn what it takes for a small business to get exponential growth. Newsflash: Your bank account is NOT your biggest asset. Learn: How to structure your sales organization to scale. How to get the most out of your salespeople. How to achieve that “big break”…and it’s hardly ever an overnight success. And more…
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